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Workers' Compensation Insurance

What it Is

This type of insurance is designed to protexct you and your employees in the event of an accident occurring while on the job. Should your employee become injured while performing his or her duties, there is a chance that you will be liable for any expenses resulting from the incident.

Expenses Covered

In general, worker's compensation insurance covers medical bills, any rehabilitative care, and lost wages should the injured employee be unable to return to work right away. Having insurance that covers these expenses helps your employee recover and get back on the job much faster.

Consequences of not Having Coverage

Aside from the state's consequesnces of not covering your employees if it's required by law, you may also face a lawsuit should your employee be left without compensation for his or her damages resulting from the accident. this can result in costly legal and court fees.

The importance of having worker's compensation insurance cannot be overstated. You should protect your business from unwarranted claims and legal action. Contact Jackson Insurance Agency in Bossier City at 318-746-2222 to find the right insurance for you.

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